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Golden BC

Golden BC

Golden is a town in the Rocky Mountains of Canada. It is located 110 kilometers west of Calgary, Alberta and 120 kilometers east of Banff, Alberta. Golden has a population around 5,000 residents and receives over 1 million visitors each year.

As one crosses the Johnson-Thompson Border Bridge above Lake Moyie on Highway 95 (the only border-crossing highway in Western Canada), one enters the District Municipality of Kootenay, British Columbia. On the Canadian side this is the only border crossing (from the United States) to other than a ferry between Kootenay Lake and the town of Creston, British Columbia. As you are driving into Golden on Highway 95, you enter into the town limits.

Golden is located between Kicking Horse River and Columbia River at 1,070 meters above sea level. The Golden area is known for being rich in minerals, mostly gold. The first European settlers started coming to Golden in 1867 where they found the Dogrib Native people living there year round. Originally called Farwell, the town was renamed after the river. The Canadian Pacific Railway began service to Golden in 1896. This lead to a real estate boom. By 1897 there were 200 houses constructed for 500 people during the winter months and 2,000 people during the summer months. During this same time period, an extensive amount of salmon canning took place beginning in 1898.

Points of interest:

Gondola – The Gondola is a new and modern attraction located in the Yoho National Park in Golden, BC. This area gets up to 2 metres of new powder snow each year and is home to the highest gondola lift in Canada. The gondola was opened in 2009 to the public and has since become a very popular tourist attraction.

People are able to snowboard, ski, go snowshoeing or ride snowmobiles throughout this area. People are also allowed to take day trips for fishing during the summer months when the park is open. Backcountry Backpacking – Golden, BC provides many opportunities for backcountry travelers. Backpacking is usually done in groups or by oneself, although the area does have a few arduous trails that are used for guided trips all year round. There are also re-supply points along the way to help anyone who gets stranded.

This part of Canada has some amazing wildlife including black and grizzly bears, moose, elk, sheep and mountain goats. White Water Rafting – Those looking for a thrill might want to check out the Golden Gate Canyon which has one of two rivers in British Columbia offering Class 5 rapids. The rafting season starts in May and ends in September. During the summer months there are also waterskiing, swimming, tubing and fishing.

Horseback Riding – Those looking to explore on horseback might want to check out the Golden Stables which offers rides all year round. Guided trips are available during the summer months but there is also an equestrian camping area for those who enjoy riding in the winter as well. Horseback riding is a great way to explore the area and see some of the wildlife including moose, elk, woodland caribou, mountain goats and grizzly bears.

Golfing – Golden has 4 golf courses located throughout town to choose from which are open all year round. There are also lots of different types of lodges with fully equipped kitchens. Some of the lodges also provide breakfast and dinner for those interested, but these need to be arranged in advance.

Skiing – Golden BC is home to Canada’s highest ski resort which is situated at 2,212 meters. The Golden Alpine Ski Resort offers skiing all year round with breathtaking views of Kicking Horse River along the way.


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