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Best Ultralight Backpacking GEAR

A backpackers camping checklist is a list of everything one would take while camping in the back country. The goal is to pack ultralight gear, which means buying gear that doesn’t weigh too much and is versatile so it works for different situations. Some items will be used more often than others, but it’s important to keep it all light so you’ll still have energy to hike back down the mountain.

Finding the best gear for your body can be a little challenging. Your ultralight backpack has to fit just right. Too big and it can be top heavy and fit lopsided pulling muscles out of position. Back strain is not what you want in the backcountry.

Finding the best gear doesn’t necessarily mean paying the highest price. By doing comparative shopping, that is side by side comparisons, you can decide on the product that feels right for you. And although there may seem to be an unlimited amount of really cool products out there, you may not need to load up on as much gear for a shorter trip than an extended alpine journey. Be equipped with Wilderness Survival Essentials.

Start by doing your research on the type and duration of the trip. What are the weather conditions going to be like. Will it fall below freezing at night. This is where the best ultralight tent, sleeping bag and pad will be crucial to not only staying comfortable, but staying alive.

Will you be scrambling or staying to well used trails. Your want to be on your best footing. Having the best hiking boots or trail shoes for the conditions will be crucial when hiking from 14 to 25 km a day in rugged conditions, wet or dry.

Decide upon what is the least amount that you want to imagine yourself backpacking up a mountain. Select the best ultralight backpacking gear for you and the given situation.

Be safe and have fun!

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Ultralight Tents

Tents and other shelters serve as a place to sleep and store your gear. There are many different kinds of tents, but not all can be used for backpacking – they’re too heavy and bulky. The best tent is the one you feel most comfortable in; it’s worth spending extra money to invest in a lightweight shelter that you will be happy to spend time in.

REI has a couple of nice Tent, Sleeping Bag and Pad Bundles.

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Ultralight Sleeping Bags & Pads

Sleeping bags can add weight to your camping gear, but there are lightweight options available. Since this is an essential piece of equipment, it’s worth spending money on a good bag that will keep you warm, dry and comfortable enough to get the rest you need (so you don’t suffer from insomnia). Some ultralight sleeping bags weigh in around 1 lb., and compresses easily for storage.

Sleeping Pad: Your pad does more than cushion your back when you’re lying down. It also keeps you insulated from the cold ground, which can suck away your body heat. Look for one that is lightweight, durable and insulates well. Good sleeping pads are essential to any backpacker because they provide much-needed insulation between the hiker and the cold ground.

Ultralight Backpacks

Be aware of weight when gearing up. A loaded backpack should not weigh more than about 20% of your body weight, hopefully not more than 30 lbs or 13 kg so an ultralight backpacking will play a key role in hiking over several days in rough terrain.

Backpacking Gear

Assorted Gear

Traveling light can be a challenge. You’re always going to want to bring more cool stuff than you should really be carrying.

Headlamps – Ultralight Stove – Mirror – LED Flashlight & Batteries – Toiletries – Pocket Trowel – Bug Repellent Bracelet – Collapsible Cooking Set – Sunscreen – Dry Bag – Coffee Filter – First Aid Kit – Water Treatment Kit & Bottle/Bladder – GPS Locator – Fire Starter Kit -Emergency Shelter – Whistle – Heat – Bear Spray – Bear Canister – Cord – Reflective Emergency Blanket – Compass – Water Treatment Tablets and much more.

Narrow down the list according to the type and duration of your trip into the wild.

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Hiking Footwear

Wearing the right hiking footwear in the mountains can make or break your trip. 

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All Weather Clothing

The importance of wearing Layered All Weather Clothing cannot be overstated. Fleece, polyester and wool clothing will keep you warm, dry and cool at the right times to make the best of your adventure. Denim and cotton clothing do not retain heat nor dry quickly when wet and can cause your core temperature to drop quickly possibly leading to hypothermia.


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